I am TheValiantBob.
And you may not know this, but 23 is number 1. No matter what, remember that. May save your life.

So today in TF2….

*Someone on the other team calls a vote to restart the match because their team is losing. The vote passes 10 seconds before my team wins*

Me: Bastard! who called the vote?

PAUL WIND (the guys username): Your mom

Me: That was a good one.


Me: I don’t have a dog, but nice try. Also interesting to know you are into bestiality.

PAUL WIND: I leave my seamen on your Sea men’s. u cunt ass fucken nigga with your kfc (and other random swears and racist remarks I can’t remember because the grammar was terrible)

Me: Wow! Into bestiality AND a racist! Your mother must be SO proud. So must your uncle/father

*5 seconds later for him to realize what I said*

[PAUL WIND has left the game: disconnect from user]

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